Saturday, January 19, 2008

Diving in the Red Sea

The Red Sea Egypt s Red Sea coast runs from the Gulf of Suez to the Sudanese border. Its mineral-rich red mountain ranges inspired the mariners to name it the Red Sea. Today, the Red Sea’s antiquated ports are now better known as some of the best diving and fishing resort locations in the world. Its waters are teeming with hundreds of exotic species of fish , including the beautiful yet stone and butterfly fish, jellyfish, crab and some species of shark. The Red Sea has become one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations amongst the sun seekers who long to bask on its golden beaches and divers who dream of exploring its intricate reefs . Dahab is one of the most unique beach resorts in the Red Sea . In Dahab there are no buildings higher than two stories and no huge package holiday hotels. Dahab has managed to retain its laidback Bedouin feel and has become a focal point for tourism in the area for people who like the idea of a small resort away from mass tourism. Diving in Dahab Dahab is the Arabic word for gold, and it is almost certain that this gorgeous location derived its name from the desert cliffs and sand dunes behind and above Dahab which appear golden in the morning and evening sun. The amalgamation of gorgeous beaches, crystal clear water and swooning palm trees make this location any tourist’s idea of paradise. Dahab is one of the most spectacular beaches in Sinai . Divers from all over the world flock to Dahab in search of some of the most breathtaking dive opportunities in the world. As Dahab is in the Red Sea the abundance of marine life at these dive sites is spectacular - tropical fish of every shade and hue flitter between some of the most gorgeous coral reefs in the world. Dahab is one of the most versatile diving locations as each dive site has a distinctive typography and unique host of marine life. Diving conditions in Dahab are ideal for learning to dive or extending your skills with PADI courses. Top Diving Sites There are few dive sites in the world more spectacular than Sinai’s Blue Hole. A few miles north of Dahab, lies a dark hole which rests in the shallows of a sapphire reef shelf â€" The Blue Hole . The abundance of marine life here is astounding; on a Blue Hole dive you will encounter corals, fans, eels and dozens of fish species which thrive here. Though beautiful this dive site is extremely dangerous, a word of warning â€" don’t let the Blue Hole s dark beauty lure you too far down, more than a few people have gone in and never come back. Eel Garden is named after the colony of eels that you will see when diving here. Apart from the masses of eels you will also see schools of Barracuda and many varieties of hard and soft coral. The Islands is a recognised world class dive site. The three underwater coral islands you will swim through on this dive are teeming with colourful and exotic marine life. The beautiful corral formations of Abu Helal and the seahorses and rare ghost pipefish of Desert Divers Bay dive spots will blow your mind. Other fantastic dive spots in the area include: The Lighthouse, The Canyon, Tia Maria, Rick s Reef, Southern Oasis, Golden Blocks, Glassfish Pinnacle, Three Pools, Om Sid and the Caves. You really are spoilt for choice on a Red Sea diving holiday. Dahab’s Top Attractions Though Dahab undoubtedly earned its reputation as a world class holiday destination because it is an awesome dive location, the town has a lot to offer tourists whilst they are on land too. Centres for water-skiing, fishing, camel and horse riding are extremely popular amongst visitors. You can also visit a Coloured and White Canyon, a real desert oasis, buy trinkets in the local markets, enjoy traditional cuisine in the many restaurants, visit a papyrus museum and swim with dolphins in the open sea. With such a host of activities to keep you occupied both on and off land Dahab is the perfect holiday destination â€" and while you’re there, why not climb Mt. Sinai for exquisite of the surrounding areas. Oasis Overland Adventure Travel is offering diving packages to the Red Sea; which is regarded as one of the best dive locations in the world - whether you are a complete novice or an experienced diver its only hours away - via Cairo - with a stop off at the world famous Pyramids at Giza!

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