Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pack Useful Items and Other Necessary Items for Your Caravan Holiday

You have already packed what food, cooking equipment and clothing you are taking with you. Now it is time to pack other useful and necessary items to pack for your caravan holiday. Pack a couple of sets of sheets, pillow-slips, towels including beach-towels and tea towels. You will not need the entire contents of your linen cupboard, but you do not want to have to plan your holiday around your next laundry wash. For beach use, pack separate towels that can be used a few times without washing. Think about what you use around the house on a day-to-day basis and pack accordingly. You will need some cleaning products (sorry “house-work” still goes on) and utensils; dishwashing detergent; an all-round cleaner; sponges; garbage bags and a dustpan and brush. You will probably also need a broom and mop to clean your floors. A bucket is a versatile item to have and should be included. You will need all the usual toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving gear, soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant etc and toilet paper. Unless you really want a hard-to-get product, there is no need to pre-buy sufficient supplies to last your entire trip. Matches and a torch are also essential items. Remember to pack pegs and detergent, and keep a good supply of coins for use in washing machines and dryers. If you still use the old film camera and not a digital, an empty film container makes a good storage unit for 20c, $1 and $2 coins. A portable clock-radio makes a good companion, and then if you are sitting outside, you can still listen to the radio. Take something to while-away your time. Take a carefully selected supply of books and other reading matter. Do you play board games or do jigsaw puzzles? A pack of cards is always handy, especially when you invite your “new friends” over for a game. A camera is essential. A video or digital recorder will further help preserve memories of your holiday. Pack appropriate equipment for the leisure activities you regularly enjoy, or you may want to hire equipment rather than bring your own gear. This is the thirteenth page of 23 with related information about making the most of your caravan holiday. Check our website at for the other articles. Ian Molloy is the owner of Crikey Adventure Tours. Visit his website for more information about this article and other related topics. He not only has his tour business operating from Peth in Western Australia, but his site is full of very helpful information. Some of these includes tips on motorcycle holidays , driving cross-country, caravanning and generally lots of tips about having a camping holiday.

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